Fischerstube Brewery

Brewmaster J├╝rgen Pinke in a short interview

What lies behind the doors of the Fischerstube brewery?

The Fischerstube brewery is the oldest brewery in Basel. It was founded in 1974 as a reaction to the beer cartel at the time and since then has been impressing customers with a variety of Ueli beers. What once began as a pioneering act by a liberal spirit and citizen of Kleinbasel is now the brewing site of Basel's most popular beer.

Where is your product available?

Restaurants Fischerstube and Linde in Rheingasse 45+43, sales outlets:

Why is regionality important to you?

It guarantees short transport routes. Thanks to regionality, Ueli beers are always delivered to customers fresh and in an eco-friendly way. This is important because many Ueli beers are fresh products. They are neither filtered nor flash-pasteurised.

Where is your favourite place in (Klein)Basel?

A place in one of the two brewery restaurants, be it in the beer garden or in the dining room where guests from near and far meet.

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