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Our art - a piece of Kleinbasel

As hosts in Kleinbasel, it is important to us to convey a piece of Kleinbasel tradition to our guests. All guest rooms therefore are decorated with pictures of the Vogel Gryff. Here you can find out more about the Kleinbasel art in our hotel. In addition, we offer a booklet for the children. With pictures and riddles you will learn more about the stories and traditions of this highlight in Kleinbasel.

Find out what the Vogel Gryff is all about below.

Every year,during the main Kleinbasel holiday,
which alternates between 13, 20 or 27 January, the wild man goes down the Rhine on his raft with a gun salute. During the subsequent dance through the alleys of Kleinbasel, he is accompanied by the lion and Vogel Gryff. Drums and men in ancient costumes with proudly raised banners complete the spectacle.

The griffin, the lion and the wild man are the coat of arms holders of the three Kleinbasel honorary societies in which the professionals based in Kleinbasel were once organised.