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Graf Mühle

A short interview with plant manager Samuel Graf

What is the story behind the name Graf Mühle?

An agricultural enterprise with a strong emphasis on farmer-to-consumer direct marketing. In agriculture, we concentrate on fattening large livestock, arable farming involving a large proportion of grain (wheat, pure spelt) and viniculture, with the mill being our own personal path to farmer-to-consumer direct marketing. We process various cereals into fine baking flour. The plant is run by two families:

Stephan, Käti, Cyrill and Léon Graf.

Samuel, Sonja, Joana, Kilian and Nevio Graf.

Where can I buy your products?

Our products are available in several retail outlets around the region and in various gastronomic establishments.

Why is regionality important to you?

Our business is local, which means everything from the purchase of raw materials to the sale of flour takes place within the region. Our flour is made from grains that are carefully cultivated and ground in the region and delivered to the consumer / user via the shortest route.

Where is your favourite place in (Klein)Basel?

Favourite place? I love delivering in the city and driving through the streets where people can normally only walk...
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