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London Tea

Bisang family, management, in a short interview

What is behind the name London Tea?

The London Tea Company LTD was officially founded in London and Basel and dates back to 1896. Since then, the London Tea brand has stood for tea culture at the highest level. We are the only Swiss company to mix all kinds of tea blends on-site, using only the best ingredients and flavours. With over 350 tea varieties and an extensive range of organic pyramid bags, we cover both the private sector and upscale cuisine in an optimal way.

Where is your product available?

Our products are available in our shops at Spalenberg 10 and Reinacherstrasse 96, in M√ľnchenstein, via our webshop and in various local retail outlets in the city of Basel.

Why is regionality important to you?

Especially with the current strong presence of large retail chains, it is important to support small local businesses and purchase regional products.

Where is your favourite place in (Klein)Basel?

We particularly enjoy walking along the Rhine promenade on sunny days and admiring the beautiful old town.

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